Immediate service when I call with questions. I’ve always had the right policies for me provided by Briarcliff. – Customer since 2013
Better coverage and less premium – Customer since 2017
We have had no problems with our service when we call. I would like to see the house reappraised to make sure that we are covered in case of any problems. Stacy – Customer since 2014
Find good prices and make the process easy. Joseph G. – Customer since 2015
Hey Eric. Thanks for setting us up with our insurance and always getting us the lowest rates. I like that you don’t just deal with one company. We were relieved to find out we could stay with Briarcliff when we moved back to Nebraska. Also, I appreciate you providing us with business insurance. It saved me a lot of time knowing that I can deal with someone I already trust and had experience with. Todd K. – Customer since 2011
Eric and his whole team has always been there when I needed him. I always hear back quickly if not immediately and he’s been able to shop around for the best deals. Briarcliff literally handles all my insurance needs! Jack B. – Customer since 2011
I like how accessible you make yourselves to your customers. Easy access is key to those of us who are busy. Joshua S. – Customer since 2016
I have been an insurance customer of Eric & Kristy for almost 15 years. They are two of the most honest, caring people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I would not hesitate recommending them personally or their agency. Marvene V. – Customer since 2011
Always a quick response to any questions or pricing when asking for quotes. – Customer since 2016
I like that you revisit, periodically, our insurance needs and see if there’s better rates. Thanks for everything. Have recently given your information out matter of fact. Christina B. – Customer since 2013
Pricing. Richard W. – Customer since 2016
You guys are great at being proactive, finding the best service and care for our needs. Chris D. – Customer since 2016
Easy to work with and price is reasonable! Michael C. – Customer since 2015
The personal attention and try to solved. Andre C. – Customer since 2014
Personal customer service. Took the time to listen to me. Very professional. When I needed help with a claim, helped me immediately. Tammie W. – Customer since 2016
Worked hard to get the best rate. Good follow-up of requests. Customer since 2016
My agent, Penny, is always accessible when I have changes or issues with my policy. She keeps me informed often. Thanks Penny!! Customer since 2017
Made me feel valued and saved me money! Ken D. – Customer since 2014
You guys are the Best!!! You are so quick to respond to my every need in the insurance world! I also have the peace of mind that I’m fully covered and have the best available rates in business, personal, auto, and healthcare coverage. Shana V. – Customer since 2014
Best insurance at the right price. Able to bundle houses and cars. Paul M. – Customer since 2015
I enjoy that you are available telephonically and electronically. You are efficient with responses. In the busy world that we live in today, it is easy for things to fall through the cracks, it is good having some peace of mind that there is someone, I think, that is looking out for my best interest and taking care of matters behind the scenes. Customer since 2012
We’ve been with Eric for “eons” and he’s always done his best to find us affordable, yet good insurance coverage. It seems he researches companies well and knows when it’s best to move his clients for their benefit. He’s a awesome agent and very happy to have him as our agent. Lori B. – Customer since 2012
Everyone at your office is very efficient and knowledgeable. And whether the communication is over the phone or through email the response is always prompt. Thank you for your outstanding customer service! Customer since 2017